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  • Rick Mirer to Chicago

    " I can change him ". Echoing the plaintive cry of a young bride, the Bear's consumated the long awaited deal to bring Rick Mirer to Chicago. Dave Wannstedt and co. are much happier about the deal than most Chicago fans and this will no doubt be the make or break move of Dave's career. The Bears trade their first round pick ( # 11 ) for Mirer and a fourth round pick.

    Why so high a pick? For one thing they had to offer a better deal than the 49's who tried to get in on the bidding. But more telling than that is the fact that no one at the postions they need, was worth taking with that pick. Their principle needs were quarterback, tight-end and defensive tackle. At defensive tackle there is only one worth taking #11 and that is Russell of USC and he will be long gone by then. The rest of the tackles in the draft grade out no higher than the second round. The top three tight-ends in the draft Tony Gonzalez, David LaFleur, and Damon Jones all grade out to the second round and one or all of them could be available for the Bears.

    This draft has only about 7 or 8 can't miss guys. According to Buchsbaum's there are 95 players after them who are graded within 3/4 of a grading point. What does that mean? That the player taken in the middle of the 3rd round could be just as talented as the player taken in the middle of the first round. So for the Bear's to trade away their first round pick may not be all that foolish.

    If this deal works out Wannstedt will have a good young quarterback to compete with the likes of Farve and Aikman. If it does not, Wanstedt will be gone and the Bear's will have to start over. You have to admire his guts if not his sense. If this works out and they win the SuperBowl, instead of going to Disneyland Dave should go to Vegas.

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