June 23, 1996


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. What NBA team had the best one-season playoff-winning percentage?
Bulls 76er's Lakers Celtics

2. What NBA coach is second behind Red Auerbach in NBA titles?
Pat Riley John Kundla Phil Jackson Larry Costello

3. What is the record for the lowest 18-hole score in the U.S. Open?
61 62 63 64

4. Who is the only golfer to win three major championships in one year?
Sammy Sneed Bob Jones Ben Hogan Arnold Palmer

5. What golfer has had the most top 20 finishes in the U.S. Open?
Gene Sarazen Willie Anderson Jack Nicklaus Arnold Palmer

6. How many times has David Robinson been on a U.S. Olympic basketball team?
1 2 3 4

7. Who was the youngest man to win at Wimbledon?
Boris Becker Pete Sampras Ron Laver Jim Conners

8. How many times has Jack Nicklaus won the U.S. Open?
1 2 3 4

9. How many years must a player be retired to be eligible for basketball's Hall of Fame?
3 4 5 6

10. Who was the first player to score 30 or more points in every game of an NBA title series?
Wilt Chamberlain Elgin Baylor Michael Jordan Julius Erving