August 10, 1997


Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. Who is the only player in the 20th Century to steal at least 100 bases in 3 consecutive Major League seasons?
Vince Coleman Willie Wilson Rickey Henderson Maury Wills

2. In 1969, MLB introduced the "save" as an official pitching statistic. Who is credited with earning the first big league "save"?
Juan Pizarro Ron Perranoski Rollie Fingers Bill Singer

3. The son of which of these Hall of Famers played in the most Major League games?
Earl Averill, Sr. George Sisler Yogi Berra Ed Walsh, Sr.

4. Who was the first Astro pitcher to win 20 games in a season?
J.R. Richard Larry Dierker Nolan Ryan Mike Scott

5. How many consecutive home runs did Reggie Jackson hit in the 1977 World Series?
2 3 4 5

6. What team originally signed Tom Seaver only to have the contract invalidated?
Yankees Braves Reds White Sox

7. For which of the following teams did Reggie Jackson not play?
Orioles Angels Tigers Yankees

8. When the Braves played in Milwaukee, how many losing seasons did they have?
0 2 6 10

9. What pitcher threw 19 2/3 innings in baseball's longest outing?
Jeff Tesreau Les Mueller Bob Ewing Sherrod Smith

10. Whose record for strikeouts by a rookie pitcher did Dwight Gooden break?
Bob Feller Herb Score Sandy Koufax Walter Johnson

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