Now It's Trivia Time!!!!!

1. How many doubleheaders were regularly scheduled in the majors this season?
0 1 2 3

2. How many players who were MVP's in the College World Series have played in the Major League All-Star Game?
1 3 5 7

3. What is the only year since 1984 that Cal Ripken was not voted to the All-Star team?
1987 1988 1989 1990

4. Who hit home runs in his first two Major League at bats?
Bob Nieman Woody Held Max Alvis Gene Woodling

5. Who is the only active player to go directly from high school to the Major Leagues?
Mike Morgan Todd VonPoppel Zane Smith Joe Magrane

6. How many seasons did Brooks Robinson play with the Orioles?
20 21 22 23

7. For what team did Ty Cobb play after Detroit let him go?
Red Sox White Sox Indians Athletics

8. Who was the first pitcher to strike out 100 or more hitters in 20 consecutive seasons?
Steve Carlton Bob Feller Nolan Ryan Don Sutton

9. Who was the last player to be a Triple Crown winner?
Frank Robinson Mickey Mantle Ted Williams Carl Yastrzemski

10. Who is the only pitcher to win consecutive MVP awards?
Walter Johnson Steve Carlton Hal Newhouser Sandy Koufax