What is Interactive Internet Sports?

Interactive Internet Sports, like its name suggests, is an interactive sports site. IIS is different from other sports sites in that it doesn't just have stats and scores. IIS feels that you can get plenty of that from other sites or from your local newspaper. IIS is a hands on site where you can participate in many contests, games, chat, and other things. IIS cares about you, the individual sports fan, and wants to mold it's site to fit your needs. So be sure you tell us what you want out of the IIS site by giving us your feedback.

What does IIS stand for?

IIS stands for Interactive Internet Sports

How do I enter the forms at IIS?

To enter any of the forms at IIS you need a forms compatible browser. Simply fill out the form, be sure to fill in your name, and press the submit button.

How often is IIS updated?

IIS is updated every day. Unlike most sites, IIS is not a static site. This site is alive and on any given day you can interact with the site in numerous ways.

How much does this cost?

IIS is completly free to its fans!

How can I help support IIS?

Help IIS out by supporting it! Your support can come in many forms. If you like the site, spread the word, tell your friends, co-workers, etc. Also, be sure to take a look at our sponsors' sites. You can do this by clicking on their ad, who knows they may be able to offer you something great!

How can I sponsor IIS?

Interactive Internet Sports will allow the right companies to sponsor it. If your company is interested in sponsoring this quality site send an e-mail to us. IIS offers very affordable advertising packages which will allow your company high exposure to a wealth of potential customers.

Which Web Browser should I use at IIS?

We recommend using Netscape 2.02 or greater. But any browser which supports tables should work fine.
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